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Keeping Inmates and Officers Safe Using Securus Technologies

Posted by Beer30 on

The hardest part of my job as a prison corrections officer is trying to walk that fine line of keeping me and my fellow officer safe while maintaining a relationship with the inmates. Although most inmates for the most part are good, the few that have a tendency to lash out at the authorities can make it very problematic for all behind those prison walls. In order to maintain peace, we have to work hard each day in a variety of ways.


The first thing we do is make certain no drugs or weapons get into our jail. That will only complicate matters and give the inmates the upper hand. To eliminate one avenue by which these items often get into this facility, we have to stake out the visitor center. Not only are inmate and visitors in close quarters in the guest center, they outnumber us, so we can only see so much. To that end, we scan every person and physically check them as they come in and when they return to their cells.


Our team takes turns doing random cell inspections. This is were we find the contraband that git by us in the guest center. Anything we find here gets taken away and reduces the chances for violence throughout the jail.


Securus Technologies installed our telephone monitoring system recently, allowing my team to be able to hear what inmates are discussing. Securus Technologies is already working with thousands of jails, and today we understand why they are such a valuable resource. The company has well over a thousand employees, all committed to helping make this world safe for us all. Now if the inmates try to acquire drugs, hide weapons, or plan an attack with another inmate or officer, we can swiftly take the appropriate action.