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Keith Mann: Looking out for Our Children

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You would be surprised to know how many children get discouraged or confused upon graduating high school. Their self-esteem is vital at this age, and it is important to push them up, support them, and stay in their corner, through all of the highs and lows. We need to let them know that anything is possible and they can achieve anything with hard work, dedication, commitment, and keeping their eye on the prize. When they become adults, they remember those that helped them, guided them, and showed them the right path. They gave them positive reinforcement, supported them, guided them, and told them they could do it. They lean on that and recall upon that when times can get tough.

Recently, there was some wonderful news announced thanks to Keith Mann. They announced the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. They will be working hand-in-hand with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter management organization, based in New York City to work on this wonderful scholarship. If you are a graduating senior at one of Uncommon Schools’ Brooklyn-based high schools, each year, you will be eligible for this.

There are so many bright minds out there, and they need to be taken care and this award allows them to be future business leaders. It will give them all of the tools they need to be successful. It shows them that someone believes in them, cares about them, and wants to see them achieve everything they have sought out to do. What better time than the present to get started and get moving with your innovative idea?

This way, right after high school, you can do whatever your heart is set out to do in the business world. You have the means, you have the support, and you feel like you truly accomplish something. This only leads to future accomplishments and future goal-setting. It teaches them that if you are the first one to go to work, the last one to leave, and work hard with no excuses, your dreams aren’t just dreams anymore. They are reality.

Keith is a known philanthropist and constantly supports his local community. He’s an animal lover and fights for their rights. Check out his wiki page and be inspired!

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Diversant Stands Out From Others

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Finding a job can be difficult as there are many other people out there applying for the same jobs as you are. How do you land the job you have always wanted in a competitive field such as IT? At DIVERSANT, IT consultants are just as important as their clients. They pride themselves on giving each and every person the respect that they deserve. When it comes to DIVERSANT, their highly-trained IT recruiters understand what you are going through and want to help you find that perfect career. They have access to many opportunities that can help find the perfect IT job for you.

During the beginning stages, DIVERSANT looks at your resume to see what kind of skills you possess before passing the information along to their Clients. What makes DIVERSANT different is that they do not modify your resume to fit the needs of the Clients. Instead, they communicate with their Clients and see if you would be a good fit with that company based on your skills and knowledge.

When you become a DIVERSANT consultant, you will be paid bi-weekly. Full-time employees can enjoy the benefits of medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401K savings plan, tuition reimbursement, as well as holiday and vacation pay. They even offer a referral program where DIVERSANT gives bonuses to those candidate referrals once they begin work. This is a great company to be involved with as they know what they are doing.

John Goullet, Principal Executive of DIVERSANT, began his career working as an IT consultant. Eventually he made the move and switched to IT staffing. John has a clear understanding of developing market trends within the IT sector, which led him to start up his first company, Info Technologies. This company quickly became a success within five years, earning a top ten spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing firms in the United States. Eventually Info Technologies merged into what it is known today as DIVERSANT, LLC. John is continually following his passion for creating new ways of overcoming the obstacles in the ever-changing IT industry.


A Brief but Detailed Overview of Eric Pulier

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Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, an author, a columnist, a public speaker, a philanthropist, and a technologist. He has founded over 15 companies. He also gained a lot of experience raising money to start these different businesses, as every company that he has founded he has had to raise money for.

After graduating from high school in 1984, he went to Harvard University and got a Bachelor of Arts. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988. While he was in college, he studied literature, visual and environmental sciences, and computer science. He also wrote a weekly column for Harvard Crimson Weekly and was an editor for that publication.

Eric Pulier was picked to build and run the Bridge of the 21st Century for Al Gore and Bill Clinton. The purpose of the bridge was to commemorate their second inauguration. During the event, Eric was on National News television shows that were covering the event.

In addition to building the commemorative bridge, he is also involved in philanthropy. In particular, he has been involved in endeavors that use technology to solve problems in communities that are economically disadvantaged. He also helps solve these types of problems for physically impaired children in the United States and globally.

Eric has been the publisher of a few major articles that pertain to business. A few publications of note are “Understanding Enterprise SOA” and the “Enterprise Industrial Complex.”

He also has a lot of work experience, most of it involving the co-founding of his own companies. He also has many inventions and patents.

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Keith Mann is Helping Students to Succeed in the Future

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Keith Mann, founder of Dynamics Search Partners, understands the importance of a college education to opening up opportunities in the business world. Keith Mann also understands how important higher education is to low-income students who may have fewer opportunities to finance their college dreams. The inability to afford a college education can subsequently keep bright and eager young people from ever reaching their professional goals. Seeking to bridge this gap, Keith partnered with Uncommon Schools to create a scholarship for one graduating senior each year. Graduating seniors attending the Brooklyn-based Uncommon Schools are eligible to apply for this unique opportunity. Uncommon Schools, based in New York City, is a non-profit charter management organization that offers high-quality secondary education with the added goal of college preparation. Graduating seniors will be eligible to apply for the Kevin and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement by writing a 1,000 word essay about how college will help them in pursuit of their professional goals. One graduating student per year will win the scholarship.

Mann has been a notable figure in the business world for years. In 2002, he started the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search, which focused on the hedge fund industry. In 2006, he expanded to include the private equity industry, and then just over ten years ago, he founded Dynamic Search Partners, an executive search firm, which focuses on alternative investment firms. Not one to shy away from work, Mann still manages the day-to-day operations of Dynamic Search Partners which also deals with investment firms in Europe and Asia. Dynamic Search Partners has seen continued success since its inception, and shows no signs of slowing down, much like its founder.

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Introducing John Goullet: A Tech Innovator in a Class of His Own

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Mr. Goullet is a skilled investor who understands the importance of collaboration and partnerships in business. In the past, he has orchestrated successful mergers and acquisitions that have seen his net worth skyrocketing, exponentially. In September 2015, Diversant LLC successfully acquired the San Francisco Bay Area technology solutions and staffing organization, Vircon. The exact details of the deal were never made public, and they remain private and confidential to this very day.

Prior to that, the tech investor had also managed to negotiate a merger deal with Diversant Inc. Gene C. Waddy owned the latter, and it was hailed as one of the largest African-American owned IT staffing firms in the entire nation. After the two companies had come together, they adopted the name Diversant LLC. Their motto being, ‘Empowered by Difference.” The newly formed tech firm strives to promote diversity at the workplaces. Mostly, they seek to provide incredible working opportunities for IT experts with a minority background.

John Goullet, 53, is a tech executive of the IT staffing firm Diversant LLC. The talented entrepreneur currently lives in New Jersey from where he oversees the daily running of his multi-million dollar worth company. The Ursinus College graduate started off as an IT consultant. In 1994, he decided to kick his career into hyperdrive, and that was when he ventured into the IT staffing niche.

Using the knowledge and experience garnered while working as a consultant, John was able to launch a company. The firm was known as Info Technologies. That company grew in valuation from zero dollars to $30 Million in a span of just five years.

The company primarily acts as a bridge or a go-between linking employers with the right IT experts. It also endears to come up with new creative solutions to existing IT-based challenges at the workplace. John’s company most dealt with Fortune 500 listed firms. Additionally, they provide data analysis and architecture, quality assurance, app and mobile development, infrastructure support and web solutions services as well.

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Led By John Goullet, Diversant Provides Innovative Staffing Solutions

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Eric Pulier – Creator and Philanthropist

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New Jersey native, Eric Pulier, has been a mover and a shaker since grade school. Eric programmed his first computer when in the 4th grade. He started his first data programming company while he was still in high school in Teaneck, NJ. He graduated from Harvard University Magna Cum Laude in 1988, while there he took some courses at MIT. Though the majority of his work has centered around technology and healthcare, he has a major in English and American Literature and worked at the Harvard Crimson while a student.

Since then, Eric Pulier has founded an impressive 15 companies and wrote a book Understanding Enterprise SOA. Some of his companies include; Computer Sciences Corporation, People Doing Things, and Desktone. Servicemesh, another company founded by Eric, is a cloud management company. CSC purchased this company from Eric in 2013, for close to $300 million dollars.

In 1997, Eric was recruited by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and oversee the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C. Pulier was designated one of 30 e-Visionaries selected by VAR Business in 2000.

Pulier is a current resident of California, and has been since 1991, and is the father of 3 children. He sits on a number of boards including one for The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illness. X-Prize Foundations is a company that encourages competitions to improve humanity issues and encourage global solutions from competitors. Eric sits on the board of this company as well. He is a well-known, generous philanthropist, who donates to many humanitarian causes.

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Crystal Hunt Headlines TV And Movies

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Crystal Hunt is one of the most unique actresses in the world, and she has a resume that includes TV shows, production and movie roles. She is someone who made her name on daytime TV, and she starred in soap operas a lot while she was coming up through the Hollywood ranks. She was one multiple soaps, and she has received roles in the Magic Mike movie series.

The daytime TV roles that she has had are something that she is very proud of, and she is a very recognizable face around America because of the roles she has played. Daytime TV has acquainted her with a large segment of the American population, and all those people know her when they see her on the big screen.

She has also appeared in the Magic Mike movie series, and that made her an it girl who was able to star along major Hollywood stars. She was the love interest in the movie, and her youthful good looks along with her blonde hair made her perfect for the role. She is a great actress who improved her profile with her movie roles, and now she is moving into reality TV and production.

She has taken a place with other actresses who are working on a show called Queens of Drama, and they are all trying to make their own TV show that they will produce, write and act in. There are a lot of people who will see Crystal Hunt again in this new show, and they will want to know what her new role is going to be. She is going to be behind the camera and in front of it as she learns how the production process works. She is a renaissance woman who is making her way up the Hollywood ladder.  Follow Crystal on her official Facebook page.

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Talk Fusion is Recognized by Technology Marketing Corporation for Video Chat

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Video Chat, one of Talk Fusion’s communication products was recognized by Technology Marketing Corporation, a company that honors leading technology businesses, internationally. Talk Fusion officially made the announcement that the company received the 2016 WebRTC Product of Year Award on March 16th. For 20 years, Technology Marketing has honored outstanding companies in the technology industry for innovative communications inventions. Video Chat received high rankings in Europe and Asia, and sales are continuously growing in global markets.

Bob Reina, founder and owner of Talk Fusion is elated about the product receiving the WebRTC Product of Award for 2016. Mr. Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 by introducing communication product, Video Email. He designed the product to include a 10-second video message, which are available in over 1,000 templates. Later, Talk Fusion introduced Video Chat, which gained popularity internationally among companies and individuals, over the years. It is one of the top selling products for the company because of its compatibility to most electronic devices.

Video Chat can be used with internet connections to PCs, digital phones, MAC, and tablets. The product is easy to access without download and plug-in requirements. Talk Fusion offers other products, including Sign-up Forms, Video Newsletter, and Live Meetings. The communication products allow customers to create and share their personalized emails and newsletters. Talk Fusion products are strategic ways for promotion and announcement of new products and services to global economies.

Bob Reina is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in Florida, where he served as a former police officer. He recently launched a free trial for 30 days for Talk Fusion to further expand and promote products around the world. Mr. Reina also contributed $1 million to the Tampa Bay Human Society earlier in 2016. The Talk Fusion team supports charitable organizations for children, dogs, and cats to help with shelter and food.

Talk Fusion launched the free trial promotion of its products in April 2016. Corporations and sole proprietors are able to try any product to grow their businesses, clientele, and revenue. Mr. Reina is taking Talk Fusion to the next level of growth by offering all products absolutely free for 30 days.

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Thor Halvorssen Gives A Personal Insight Into Socialism

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The political ideology of socialism has been on the rise in the U.S. after the success of the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders who has declared himself a Democratic Socialist as his personal ideology. Over the course of his campaign Sanders has attracted large numbers of young people to his rallies, at which he explains just how he would use socialist policies to change the political face of the U.S.; Fox Business host Trish Regan has recently taken on the issue of socialism rising in the U.S. with an interview with human rights activist Thor Halvorssen.

During her interview with Thor Halvorssen the Fox host hoped to discover more about why the voters of the U.S. should be looking a little more carefully at the ideology being pushed forward by Bernie Sanders. According to Forbes, Halvorssen explained the many different ways socialism can be viewed by people from around the world before setting out what he sees as both the positive and negative points of this controversial political ideology. Thor Halvorssen answered the questions of Trish Regan by explaining his belief that socialism can provide positive changes to the lives of citizens of any nation, but only when individual aspects of the ideology are picked out and teamed with more traditional policy choices.

Over the course of his interview Thor Halvorssen made a number of points about his own personal experiences with socialist policies, which he related to his own home nation of Venezuela. Discussing the positive aspects of socialism gave Halvorssen the chance to explain how Venezuela benefited from the use of socialist policies combined with left leaning options from labor influenced politicians. However, the successes seen by introducing small areas of socialist policies had been abandoned in favor of politicians using socialism as a mask for their own gain; members of Halvorssen’s own family have been held as political prisoners as socialist politicians have looked to fix prices and introduce authoritarian policies.

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Online Reputation Management Firm Expands In New York City

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Digital reputation management firm Status Labs has announced that it will be moving from its old New York City office to a large one this year. President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher says the move is to accommodate the rapid expansion of the firm, particularity in the New York City area market. The new office will also be located in Manhattan and will overlook Madison Square Park. It is more than five times as big as the old office space the company had previously.


The move is strategic. This year Status Labs had added four new members to its company team in the business and public relations division. The new office space will allow the company to integrate the new members seamlessly. It will provide Status Labs the ability to expand and hire more people in the future as well. Darius Fisher states, that in addition to the recent new hires, the firm is looking to add another five personnel to its public relations, account management and business development divisions this year as well.


Darius Fisher has stated that he is very pleased with his current team. As the company begins tackle bigger and more difficult projects, a new pool of highly talented, creative and diverse professionals will need to be hired. The new office space located at Broadway Avenue will ensure that Status Labs has the capacity to expand and retain its top talent.


Status Labs is one of the world’s foremost digital marketing, crisis management and online reputation management firms in the world. It was co-founded in 2012 by Darius Fisher alongside a long time friend and business partner who has since parted ways with the company. Status Labs helps individuals, firms and brands rebuild reputations and regain trust after negative media coverage, scandals or smears targeted at them.
Originally based in Austin, Texas, Status Labs has expanded its presence with an office in New York City now located at the Flatiron section. The firm has also established a presence in South America with an office in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Status Labs conducts business in over 35 countries making it a global digital reputation and marketing firm.

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