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Crayfish curry & Breyani: Mrs P’s home cooking

All over South Africa, women are preparing meals on a daily basis and often on a budget to feed their families. Lin Sampson talks to Jean Pretorius.

Covid rules have had ‘profound impact’ on hospitality trade, MPs told

One industry representative said more than 200 pubs have been lost forever as a result of the forced closures.

32 great gift ideas for mom: The best presents for Mother's Day, her birthday or just because

Looking for gifts for Mom's birthday, Mother's Day or as a Thank You? Here's HELLO!'s gift guide, the best gift ideas for Mom 2021: Funny or personalized gifts, flowers, fashion & beauty buys at Etsy, Amazon & more, whether for young moms, older or elderly mothers.

Welcome to my home town: How growing up in the Hundred Acre Wood prepared me for lockdown

During lockdown, many of us made the pilgrimage back to our family homes – and rediscovered them through fresh eyes. Part guide, part love letter, “Home towns” is a new series in which we celebrate where we’re from. After all, it could be a while before we can go anywhere else… Mention Forest Row outside of Forest Row, and you’ll likely be greeted with barely-stifled sniggers and side-eye. The village’s quirky congregation of Steiners and...

Fatima Sydow cooks up a stylish new cookbook

Fatima Sydow, the Cape cook and host of the TV show Kaap, Kerrie en Koesisters with her sister Gadija, has published a new book, Fatima Sydow Cooks (Human & Rousseau). We selected recipes to share with TGIFood readers.

Coronavirus news – live: Covid rates drop in every age group in England as Stormont ‘to reopen pubs early’

Covid-19 case rates have fallen across all age groups in England, new data from Public Health England reveals. Infections are currently most common in those aged 10 to 19 — and lowest in those aged beween 70 and 79. The south west is the least-affected area of England, while Yorkshire and the Humber are the worst-hit regions. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is reportedly preparing to reopen pubs and restaurants earlier than planned. And Europe’s...

Uni student left in intensive care after four cans of energy drink a day

A UNIVERSITY student was rushed to intensive care with heart failure after guzzling four energy drinks every day.

Colin the Caterpillar vs Cuthbert, Curly and Wiggles: we decide which tastes best

Colin the Caterpillar vs Cuthbert, Curly and Wiggles: we decide which tastes best

Climate crisis pushing polar bears to mate with grizzlies, producing hybrid ‘pizzly’ bears

Back in 2006, a strange polar bear was seen in the Northwest Territories of the Canadian Arctic. It had patches of brown on its otherwise white fur and an unusual face shape. Hunters shot the bear dead and DNA tests confirmed what had been suspected: it was the hybrid offspring of a polar bear and a grizzly bear. In 2010, another hybrid bear was shot by a hunter in the western Canadian Arctic. Tests revealed this animal was a second-generation...

Birmingham's top ten beer gardens on first weekend after lockdown eases

These are our pick of the best places to enjoy a beer in the spring sunshine on first Saturday and Sunday since lockdown eased

The best English vineyards to visit for wine tastings, tours and treehouse stays

The best English vineyards to visit for wine tastings, tours and treehouse stays

Coronavirus lockdown Northern Ireland: Hospitality businesses react to dates for reopening

"One negative is May 20 being the review date four days before we're due to open"

Benidorm: Expat unveils 'what Brits don't know' about holidaying in the Spanish resort

BENIDORM holidays are beloved by countless Britons eager for sun, sand and sangria. Indeed, it's become almost synonymous with drunken, disorderly behaviour over the years - but what do the British expats who live out there think?

London in rat 'boom' as huge rodents invaded while pubs, restaurants and offices closed

LONDON is said to be in the middle of a rat "boom" as huge rodents have been found in pubs, restaurants and offices, while lockdown restrictions are eased in the UK.

'The Edinburgh wine scene is really vibrant'. Good Brothers are bringing new shop WineKraft, with tasting rooms and a wine cave, to Canonmills

They will also be offering groceries and provisions

Scots brewer Innis & Gunn joins forces with iconic Islay distiller to launch limited-edition ale

Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has launched a limited-edition beer in collaboration with iconic Islay distiller Laphroaig.

Expect queues this weekend at Edinburgh's Banh Mi Brothers pop-up, where they'll be selling huge char sui pork filled sandwiches

These sangers are a two-handed affair

Man's energy drink habit lands him in the hospital with heart failure

The findings add to a growing body of evidence linking energy drink consumption with heart problems.

Taco Bell to open new restaurant in Talbot Green

The fast food restaurant has already opened in Cardiff and Swansea

Northern Ireland set to ease Covid restrictions from 23 April

Hairdressers and beauty salons will be able to reopen in Northern Ireland from 23 April, the first stage in a phased reopening of the region’s economy and society, it has been announced. Outdoor visitor attractions and competitive sports with up to 100 participants will also be allowed from next week. Beer gardens, cafes and restaurants will be able to serve food and drink outdoors, and gyms and non-essential retail reopen, on 30 April. Indoor...

Young man suffered heart failure after having four cans of energy drink every day for two years

A 21-year old university student developed heart failure after “excessive” consumption of energy drinks, according to a new article in a leading medical journal. The man drank four 500ml energy drinks a day for two years before he needed hospital treatment for heart failure, according to a new BMJ Case Report. The university student required intensive care treatment and was so ill that medics were considering whether he needed an organ...

Five traditional Persian ingredients and the alternatives you already have in your kitchen

If you’re keen to try your hand at Iranian cuisine but your cupboard’s fresh out of the likes of reshteh (Persian noodles) and advieh (a Persian spice mix), fear not as there are few alternative – and easy to find or make – ingredients that you can sub in. The good news is that if you’ve got some turmeric and onions, you’ve already got the foundation for a solid khoresh (stew). The rest of the flavour in Iranian food comes from other spices such...

What’s cooking today: Oven-baked kingklip with honey, chilli and lemon sauce

Kingklip is one of South Africa’s favourite fishes (writes Fatima Sydow in her new book, Fatima Sydow Cooks). I love it because it can be baked or fried and its slightly sweet, meaty taste works so well with lots of different kinds of seasoning and sauces.

Fyre Festival ticket holders to receive £5,225 each

Fyre Festival made headlines four years ago for being “the world’s biggest flop” – now, a court has put a price on the nightmare: approximately $7,220 (£5,225) apiece. The $2m (£1.45m) class-action settlement, reached between event organisers and 277 ticket holders in New York on Tuesday (13 April), is still subject to final approval and could be affected by the outcome of Fyre’s bankruptcy case with other creditors. The 2017 festival, founded...

This is what Manchester city centre looked like on the first Friday pubs reopened

Don't forget your big coat for when the sun goes down

Storage hacks to make dairy products last longer

Dairy products are among the most easily spoilt foods.

How To Be One Of Those People With A Super Organised Fridge

During this time of social distancing, when restaurants are limited to delivery and take-out service only and many of us are stuck at home, we’re preparing more food for ourselves than ever, and for better or worse, the insides of our refrigerators reflect that. That’s why we decided to enlist the help of Tracy McCubbin, organising expert, founder of L.A.-based organising company dClutterfly, and author of Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last...

Farmer explains why food expiration dates aren’t always useful in viral TikTok

A farmer has called out the food industry and expiration dates, explaining that both are a huge cause of food waste. Hayden Fox, a 23-year-old farmer with more than 551,000 followers on TikTok, recently discussed the topic of expiration dates in a TikTok that has since gone viral. In the video, Fox began by showing a clip from another person’s TikTok, in which the man said that if a food item has an expiration date, he would not eat the food if...

Gordon Ramsay: On the day restaurants reopen London is sunny and I’m up early, buzzing with nervous energy

It’s been a long four months since we once again closed our restaurants’ doors and headed into another lockdown. We’ve spent over a year navigating the fears and tears, hopes raised then lowered, a hospitality industry battered and bruised in the storm of a global pandemic. We have had a rare moment in time to reimagine our guest experience, to rewrite menus and do some excellent wine tasting and bread making! I feel a deep appreciation like...

At more than a century old, family business, Giacopazzi's, in Eyemouth has invested in an ice-cream factory

They’ll be able to produce more of their award-winning ice-cream

Pub landlords: beer pump calorie counts are 'a creeping nanny state on steroids'

Pub landlords: beer pump calorie counts are 'a creeping nanny state on steroids'

A sous chef in London: Life, lockdown and sustainable British food

Fallow: (of farmland) ploughed and harrowed but left for a period without being sown in order to restore its fertility or to avoid surplus production. Four wild deer had arrived the day before and were butchered into multiple cuts and frozen, ready to be used when Fallow opens once again after months of forced closure. Every part of the animal is used. The meat for tartare, hazelnut and pickled onion, the bones and fat for stock. That’s why the...

Skaapstertjies & Tjoppies under the Karoo autumn sun

Your TGIFood Editor’s home town plays host to an annual festival celebrating Karoo food. It’s nearly upon us.

The Welsh chefs on Great British Menu whose cooking was described as 'breathtaking'

Two of Wales' top chefs will go head-to-head in a bid to represent Wales in the national final

Historic hotel in Newport on the market for £695,000

The building's interior looks like something straight out of a film set, complete with original Edwardian bar and vintage advertisements

From kangaroo salad to garlic ‘bugs’: Exploring Australia’s 50,000-year-old culinary history

What comes to mind when you think of authentic Australian food? I’ll hazard a guess and assume it’s not kangaroo sausages, food wrapped in paperbark and smoked over hot coals, or bread using flour made from ground seeds and nuts, which the Aboriginal Australians were cooking long before the colonists arrived. If you know your stuff, you might have mentioned damper bread brought in by Irish convicts in the 1820s, curries that started filtering in...

At last, printed menus and a chance to wear smoky eyeshadow again

In the happy run-up to last Monday’s grand reopening of restaurants and pubs, a fleck of disquiet seeped into the shallower end of my brain. I have craved many things over these recent months of confinement – printed menus, petits fours, the chance to wear smoky eye kohl – but one thing I’d not missed was Fomo (that’s “fear of missing out”, should you not be up on modern acronyms). Fomo is the pernicious, all-consuming suspicion that other...

Kipper flavoured soufflé? Prince Philip's adventurous streak revealed by chef

The late Prince Philip loved to cook and a new tribute by his former royal chef reveals the Duke of Edinburgh's adventurous side when it came to dinner party menus

Drinking around the world: The joys of Brazilian wine

You don’t have to go all the way to Copacabana Beach to taste Brazilian wine – Ipswich will do. Nicolas The post Drinking around the world: The joys of Brazilian wine appeared first on CityAM.

Luxury hotel team up with Edinburgh Zoo to offer themed afternoon tea treat

A five-star Edinburgh hotel has teamed up with Edinburgh Zoo for an extra special themed afternoon tea.

Ashley Cain pays emotional tribute to Azaylia's grandma and aunt who've 'cared for her from the start'

Ex On The Beach star Ashley Cain has shared a touching tribute to his sister Alissia and mum Vicky for taking care of him, his partner Safiyya Vorajee and their daughter Azaylia throughout this difficult time.

RECIPE: How to make your own chutney

Chutney is a gluten-free, spicy, or savoury condiment originating in India.

Researchers create bio-concrete from invasive plant and animal species

Central Saint Martins graduates Brigitte Kock and Irene Roca Moracia have collaborated on a range of concrete-like tiles that give new "economic and ecological" value to invasive species. The material for the tiles, which the researchers refer to as bio-concrete, is made from Japanese knotweed and shells from American signal crayfish. These are among the The post Researchers create bio-concrete from invasive plant and animal species appeared...

Fans divided over Nigella Lawson's liquorice pudding – would you try it?

Nigella Lawson has divided her Instagram fans over her liquorice pudding recipe – take a look

FTSE 100 powers through 7000 mark for first time in a year

The last time the blue-chip index was above that milestone was in late February 2020 as investors were gauging the full magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rebel Wilson's daily diet: what the actress eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson follows a strict healthy eating diet plan – find out what the Australian star eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

The great reopening

Spirits are high as consumers are unleashed, but recovery depends on other factors too

When do pubs and restaurants reopen in Wales?

THE long-awaited reopening of pubs, restaurants and cafes is now in sight for residents of Wales. When do pubs and restaurants reopen in Wales?

New craft beer micro-pub coming to Rhiwbina after premises licence granted

The new venue will open where the former popular cafe the Olive Branch used to be

Luscious lemon squares recipe

Luscious lemon squares recipe