fried can take just seconds if you want them sunny-side up but the runny texture isn't to everyone's taste. If you like yours a little harder with a small amount of yolk, it can be a fine line to tread to get the perfect results. However, according to one TikTok chef, there's an easy way to cook the ultimate "over easy" eggs every time.

Sunny-side up is so named because you can still see the bright yellow yolk, while over easy means flipped, with the white just cooked through and the yolk still very runny.

Over-medium eggs have a jammier core while over-hard eggs are cooked through on both sides, with a solid yolk.

Cooking over-easy eggs is arguably the most difficult method as the texture can change in just a matter of seconds.

But in a recent video on her TikTok profile, self-taught chef @curlyscooking shared her tried-and-tested hack for the perfect timings.

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She said: "I've been trying to perfect over easy eggs for a while because sunny side up looks better but I don't like how sometimes they are a bit snotty."

Demonstrating the tip with two fried eggs in a large non-stick pan on the heat, Curlys Cooking explained that she cooks them until they are "mainly done".

This will show on the top of the eggs as the edge of the whites will appear solid rather than transparent.

Once you can level a spatula underneath the white without breaking the egg, you can cook them on the other side.

The TikTok chef said: "And then I just flip them over and press the white down.

"And then literally, after I have done this, I turn the heat off and remove them."

Using the spatula to carefully lift the over-easy eggs from the pan, she served them on top of two hash browns.

She explained that cutting into them is "the moment of truth" to see how well the yolks have turned out.

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The avid home cook said: "It's just so disappointing when you get a hard yolk!"

Before slicing the eggs in the centre, @curlyscooking noted that you should be able to tell how runny they are by gently tapping the core.

If the yolks react to even a small amount of pressure from the knife, they are probably too runny.

But if you have to push them more carefully to get the yellow liquid to spill out, they're perfectly cooked.

While many people in the comments recommended adding a drop of water to the pan for the same results, the TikTok chef warned against it for over-easy eggs.

She explained that while it can help to gently steam the whites and top of the yolk, sometimes the white cooks more slowly than the yolk so it "isn't as runny" when you cut into it.

One person suggested using the same method as @curlyscooking, though suggested turning the heat off before flipping the eggs instead of after.

Commenting on the video, they noted that it "works every time" for them.

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