Queen Camilla once opened up about regular 'cooking disasters' admitting that she's certainly not a culinary pro and often ends up 'incinerating' baked potatoes. 

  • Queen Camilla chatted all things food and cooking during an interview with her food writer son, Tom Parker Bowles, last year and confessed that she's definitely not immune to kitchen blunders.
  •  The Queen Consort revealed that while she enjoys cooking for her and King Charles, potatoes seem to be her weak point, with baking not coming top of her skills list either. 
  • In other royal news, the indulgent dessert that Kate Middleton loves is so quintessentially British and we really can't blame her for ordering it. 

Having revealed her favorite 'fuss-free' meal that is really quite unroyal but so relatable, along with the one food she 'can't bear', Queen Consort Camilla once shared an insight into her moments of kitchen chaos. 

During a chat with her son for You magazine last year, the newly-crowned Queen, who was known as the Duchess of Cornwall at the time, confessed that while she enjoys cooking for herself and Charles at Clarence House or Highgrove, it doesn't always go to plan. 

"I could fill a book with all my cooking disasters. I’m not a natural baker, to say the least," Camilla, who shares son Tom and daughter Laura Lopes with first husband Andrew Parker Bowles, said. 

Revealing that it's baked potatoes that frequently end up frazzled, she added, "As for baked potatoes… Many a poor, incinerated specimen has been found in the bottom of the Aga, put in, then forgotten about."

Giving a nod to her and green-fingered King Charles's love of gardening, Camilla continued, "I do still cook for myself when at home. Simple things like fish en papillote with butter and herbs. And vegetables from the garden: kale, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots, courgettes, and lots of peas and beans because they freeze so well.

"I love the vegetable garden, and summer in particular. I’m very proud of my white peaches. My husband is an excellent gardener, and we’re quite competitive about our fruit and vegetables."

And while Camilla, who is a big fan of traditional fish and chips, isn't always a pro at cooking, she certainly has a taste for all things delicious, having shared details of what her decadent 'last supper' would be made up of. 

"My last supper would probably involve my own asparagus, with lots of butter. Angela Hartnett’s risotto. I love her cooking. Dover sole meunière, with ratte potatoes and fresh broad beans and peas from the garden," she said, adding, "Some bitter chocolate ice cream. Plus strawberries and raspberries and lots of clotted cream. Along with a really good glass of red claret. And, seeing it’s my last supper, probably two."

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