Aldi shoppers are obsessed with the shop's newest creation - and it's an affordable one. The brand has launched a new pizza oven, but it costs only £39.99.

Pizza ovens are usually bulky and expensive, but Aldi has found a way around both those issues. They've launched the Gardenline BBQ Pizza Oven for £39.99.

Unlike traditional pizza ovens, Aldi's version is a small device that sits on top of either a gas or charcoal barbecue. It's made of ceramic stone, and the heat from the barbecue heats up the oven's interior.

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The oven has 4.1 stars out of five. There are 285 reviews, and a whopping 222 of those are positive. One person wrote: "I don't leave many reviews but must do so for this oven, its brilliant.

"Sat and watched our pizza cook on a March afternoon and we were very impressed. When it came to eating the pizza (the important bit), it was gorgeous and cooked well. We did use some spray on oil on the pizza stone and had no sticking problems."

Another person said: "Literally the best BBQ add-on I've ever bought! Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Sweet and savoury pizzas all turn out great on this bad boy!"

"I bought this last month," another happy customer wrote, "and it's amazing, will not be ordering takeaway pizza now I have this. Cooks lovely and great value for money."

But not everyone was ecstatic about their purchase. Of the negative reviews, many people mentioned the slow cooking speed of the gadget.

One person said: "Tried it on both a gas BBQ (couldn’t get it hot enough and pizzas wouldn’t cook) and a charcoal BBQ and the bottom of the pizzas got severely burnt before the topping got vaguely warm. Avoid."

Another added "Took 40 minutes just to get to 50 degrees, would need a whole bottle of gas just for a couple of pizzas." But some people never got to try out their ovens, as they said theirs arrived broken.

One wrote: "I ordered this a month ago and the pizza base was chipped. The actual box was uneven and wobbled on a flat surface."

Another person said "Received my Pizza Oven with the ceramic tile broken. Tile very thin and even if in once piece won't last long. Not sure if you can get replacement tile."

"Bought this a couple of weeks ago," another shopper said in their review, "and when I opened the box it was damaged. The box itself was not damaged therefore the item must have been packaged damaged.

"Will think twice before buying anything from ALDI again if they think sending out damaged goods is acceptable." MyLondon contacted Aldi for their response to the broken goods.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Our BBQ Pizza Oven has been incredibly popular with our customers. We are sorry to hear that in a small number of cases the product has not met our usual high standards. For those customers affected we would encourage them to speak to our Customer Services Team, or return the product for a full refund.”

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