A charcoal barbecue is the most versatile option for al-fresco, but they require a lot of patience to get the most flavoursome results.While they're good for low, slow grilling, mastering the taste of meat burgers, sausages and even vegetable kebabs can take some work.However, according to a savvy home advice expert, there's an easy cooking hack that will ensure the perfect flavour every time.Bob Vila suggested seasoning the coals themselves with fragrant herbs, as well as using them on the food.He said: "If you want to punch up the flavour of the food you're grilling, you can certainly add herbs to the meat and veggies, but you can also add them to your charcoal."

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Almost any green herb will work, though the home advice expert suggested using "woody" herbs for the best results.He explained: "Add rosemary as well as leafier herbs like basil or sage over charcoal to enhance the taste of your grilled fare and make the area around your grill smell amazing."

Fresh herbs are more impactful than dried varieties and woodier types are preferred for their "robust" fragrance, according to the team at TastingTable.

Fennel and thyme are also worth a go, and you can even try lavender for some types of fish.

If leafier herbs are the only thing on hand in the kitchen, they can also be tossed onto the charcoal.

Sprinkling tarragon, mint, basil, or dill over the barbecue coals works in exactly the same way as woody varieties - though they should be used in moderation to avoid unnecessary smokiness.

The simple method is thought to be effective because fresh herbs are packed with natural essential oils.Of course, to amplify the flavours, it is also worth wrapping up the raw barbecue items in foil filled with fragrant microgreens before grilling them.

This allows for a more potent infusion when paired with the herb-filled charcoals that actually cook the food.

The TasteTable experts added that for a lighter taste and fragrance, bundles of fresh flora can be soaked in water before placing them on the grill, under a closed lid.

Alternative flavour infusions recommended by Bob Vila include rubbing raw onion or citrus peels onto the grates of the grill before cooking.

Tying fresh herbs into bunches using twine also makes for a flavoursome basting brush, while rosemary sprigs are ideal skewer alternatives.

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