It's National BBQ Week, and coupled with the fantastic weather the UK is having, it's the perfect excuse to dust off the BBQ and host a get-together in the garden.

Many of us love hosting a BBQ, but it can be stressful for the grill master, who has to make sure everything goes by without a hitch.

One thing that can help is making sure your grill is clean before you have anyone round – but there's no arguing this is a job no one likes doing. Luckily, food expert and founder of The Gift of Oil, Phil Bianchi, has shared a top tip to make cleaning the appliance a breeze.

All you have to do is use an onion, which can cost as little as 12p in your local supermarket. According to Phil, onions have natural antibacterial properties.

Phil said: "If you use an onion, not only does it have a natural antibacterial effect, but the steam it produces when rubbed on the hot grill cleans it all away.

"For this to work, you must cut the onion in half and make sure the grill is still piping hot."

You can stick a fork in the onion before rubbing it over the heated grills to make sure you don't burn yourself. The moisture from the onion will help steam away any food or dirt left on the grill.

Once your grill is clean, it's the grill master's job not to burn the food to a crisp. Phil has a hack for that too, using an empty spray bottle and some olive oil.

He said: "A simple, yet effective, trick to stop this from happening is to find an empty spray bottle in your house. Clean it out, and fill it up with lemon juice or lemon infused olive oil to really give it the extra moisture and flavour

"Applying this over the meat will not only keep it moist but also elevate the flavour."

You also want your meat to taste amazing, which is why Phil recommends adding herbs into the coals. He explained: "Adding herbs into the coals really ups your grilling game and will go down a treat with guests. Dried herbs can be used, but to really enhance those flavours I’d choose fresh herbs!"

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