Marks and Spencer have launched a double-stuffed sausage roll. They announced the news on Instagram with a photo of the delicious-looking treats.

They wrote: "Why pick one flavour...when you can have TWO?! THAT’S RIGHT, double the stuffing, double the delight, double the fun... a high-street FIRST and handcrafted by our pastry EXPERTS at Yorkshire Baker, our Collection at M&S double stuffed sausage rolls are packed with serious deliciousness!

"Choose from our Double Stuffed Pork & Caramelised Onion and Chorizo Pork Sausage Roll OR Double Stuffed Pesto Chicken and Tomato, Mozzarella & Chicken Sausage Roll - the question is... which one will you go for? The correct answer is... BOTH (you certainly won’t regret it)!!"

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Shoppers rushed to the comments to rave about the new offering. While one wrote simply "OOOH", another said "Whoever is in charge of your food ideas are literally my soulmates."

"Bit of me," a third person wrote as another commented "Love me a double stuffing of pork." One person said "Just had the chicken double stuffed one and I can confirm it was lush."

"These are the best sausage rolls ever," another wrote. Others added "need to run to M&S right now" and "Everyone must try these. They are sooo delicious."

The sausage rolls come in two flavour duos: pork and caramelised onion paired with chorizo pork, and pesto chicken, tomato, and mozzarella paired with chicken.

Though the sausage rolls are yet to be available online, regular sausage rolls from M&S Collection are on Ocado. They have 3.8 out of five stars.

One person said: "Couldn't fault them. We ate some warm straight from the oven and others after they had cooled. They were thoroughly enjoyable either way . Crisp, light pastry which was balanced with a tasty filling."

Another poetically wrote: "My life can be measured in sausage rolls. From my first bite at nursery play school to mum baking her own with love and mixed success to our favourite bakery; la boulangerie on the high street and Mr Christmas’s a bike ride and walk away then I found these.

"Almost a combination of all those childhood flavours and available at M&S. Well done the bakers. Well seasoned, delicious meaty herby and pastry you dream about. Lush lush lush."

Of the few poor reviews, one person said: "Didn’t taste anything like a sausage roll I had one bite and there was a grisly bit and hard lump of something. They are very very poor quality and the price is a rip off. Sorry M&S but very disappointed."

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