A mum has created her own version of Bailey's Irish cream in a bid to cut down on her shopping bill - and she thinks she has already saved hundreds.

She discovered a way to make two litres of the popular liqueur for only $35, instead of paying $100 in stores.

The mum used pantry ingredients like Milo and coffee to make the alcohol - however, some connoisseurs had a serious problem with one thing she included in her recipe.

The thrifty woman shared how she made the recipe to a popular Facebook bargain hunters group.

The liqueur is traditionally made with Irish whiskey, fresh dairy cream, sugar and cocoa and vanilla flavourings.

To make the alcohol, she cleaned and prepared a two litre jug and a funnel.

She then added two tins of carnation milk, one tin of condensed milk, two cups of strong black coffee and one teaspoon of vanilla essence.

She made two cups of Milo by mixing three heaped tablespoons of the powder with hot water, and added it to the jug. 

To finish the liqueur she said you can add any dark spirit such as rum, bourbon or scotch. However, she advised making your own as 'home brew is cheaper'. 

The mum mixed everything together in the jug and stores it in her fridge.

How to make Baileys at home:


* Two tins of carnation milk

* One tin condensed milk

* Two cups of strong black coffee

* Six heaped tablespoons of Milo to make two cups

* 750ml any dark spirit, rum, bourbon, scotch

* One teaspoon vanilla essence


1. Prepare a two litre jug and a funnel.

2. Add two tins of carnation milk, one tin of condensed milk, two black coffees and one teaspoon of vanilla.

3. Make two cups of Milo and add.

4. Add any dark spirit such as rum, bourbon or scotch.

5. Mix everything together in the jug and store in the fridge.

A fan of the drink was not impressed that the mum included coffee in the ingredients: 'Baileys doesn’t have coffee in it,' she said.

However the mum advised her to 'simply adjust or omit the coffee'.

Some liked the recipe but didn't think it was 'worth' the effort.

'Nice, but for me I don't think I'd want to substitute. I rarely drink anyway, so it's worth it for me to spend on the bottles,' one woman said.

'Would be cheaper to buy a bottle of Baileys,' another said.

However, others say they make their own alcohol too and it is a great money saver.

'I home brew my own properly, costs me approx $12 for 1.2L,' one woman said.

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