Caramelised onions are the staple of every barbecue, and will spring just around the corner here are some top tips from professional chefs on how to make the best-caramelised onions to go on your burgers and hotdogs. The two chefs Jao and ZIad have shared their advice on social media, and one key piece of advice is that this delicious side dish needs patience and time, as the recipe can easily go wrong and become charred or even burned for those looking for a shortcut or are not sure what they are doing. Here is the best way on how to make caramelised onions.

There is a simple hack to making the best caramelised onions, according to the Gronda chef Joao Victor Gomez, and only takes around 30 minutes. The chef began by slicing his onions and putting oil in a pan.

After placing the pan on a low heat, he added the onions witha tablespoon of butter. Using a pan instead of a pot gives the onions a wide base that allows the water in the onions to evaporate, which will caramelise them instead of steaming them, he said.

You can also add salt and thyme as they cook to give them more seasoning, as salt will draw out the water in the onions. The chef then stirred the onions every few minutes, making sure to turn them as well as scrap the bottom of the pan to stop the onions from sticking or colouring too much in one place.

After 20 minutes, the onions should be a blonde colour. But if would like the onions to be softer and more caramelised, keep cooking until they are golden brown for an extra 10 to 15 minutes.

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Another chef on TikTok has many tips for cooking the perfect caramelised onions. Chef Ziad revealed the common mistakes people make when caramelising onions for the first time and has offered his own kitchen tips in a viral TikTok.

Chef Ziad says it is important not to add sugar to your onions while they are cooking, He said: "Onions release their own sugar slowly when you cook them down. If you add sugar to it, they will become way too sweet."

The chef also added that another common mistake people make when caramelising onions is slicing the onions too thick and not evenly.

Ziad then placed his onions on low heat in a pan after adding some oil and butter. He said: "A lot of people tend to just crank up the heat because they get impatient, but there are no shortcuts. You have to simmer them down slowly to let all the sugar and water come out."

The master chef also added: "Also, a little tip, if they do get too hot, you can add a little splash of water to cool down the pan and continue cooking slowly."

Ziad finished his video and said: "Caramelising onions is all about patience, and you are rewarded greatly for it, they taste so amazing. When they're golden brown, you take them out and can add them to sandwiches, burgers, tacos and wraps."

He then revealed his caramelised onions, which looked perfectly golden and crispy.

In the comment section, some people were shocked at the idea of not adding sugar to the onions and thought it was slightly controversial. One person wrote: "There is a shortcut, it is called sugar" to which the chef replied: "That's not a shortcut, that's just caramelising extra sugar. Onions release a lot of sugar that caramelises with heat."

Somebody else wrote: "It depends on what you feel like. You can cook onions at a low temperature for a while, or you can add sugar and turn it into a jam. It's amazing."

Another person said: "I'm super impatient when cooking, For example, I'll eat a partially melted grilled cheese." Ziad replied to the impatient cook and said: "Patience brings better-tasting food. I used to be the same way but found therapy in preparing my food."

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