• Kara Hansen makes four meals with $9 worth of ingredients
  • The thrifty chef meal preps delicious Mexican chicken burrito bowls 

A thrifty home chef has come up with a genius hack to make four delicious meals for less than $10.

Kara Hansen had been struggling to stay ahead of her bills when she came across a quick and easy recipe that could make four days worth of lunches.

She makes chicken burrito bowls using one tomato, 400g of chicken, a can of corn, white rice, and Coles brand Mexican seasoning.

Her grocery bill is simply $9.19 for all the ingredients and it yields 390 calories with 36g protein per serving.

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In order to make the dish, Kara began by washing and cooking her rice, and she used 60g per serve.

'The best thing is you’ll have rice left over for another meal,' she said.

She then cut up her chicken into small chunks and placed it in a non-stick pan.

'Add three quarters of the Mexican seasoning and some water to prevent the chicken from burning, and cook it on low heat,' the home chef said.  

She does not use any oil to cook the chicken.

Kara made salsa using the can of corn, diced tomato, and the rest of the Mexican seasoning.

Once all her ingredients were prepped, she split the food in four equal servings.

'This is good for lunch meal prep too because it can go in the freezer,' she said. 

'It's so delicious and it took me 15 minutes.'

She also shared some ways to enhance the meal by going over $10.

'If I knew I had 81c left over, I would have added a red onion to my salsa, too,' she said. 

'You can also add black beans when you cook your chicken, top with some cheese, and squeeze fresh lime over the dish.'

Many were in awe of Kara's simple meal and thanked her for the recipe.

'These are so helpful for a broke uni student like me!' a man wrote. 'Thank you so much.'

'I'm always on a tight budget at the end of the month, this is a great way to pinch pennies,' said another.

'Looks delicious, and you can add in so many leftovers to bulk it up as well,' added a third.

How to make chicken burrito bowls on a $10 budget


  • 1 tomato - $1.17
  • 400g chicken at deli - $4.47
  • Small can of corn - 85c
  • 1 kg bag of rice - $1.40
  • Home brand Mexican seasoning - $1.30
  • Total: $9.19


  • Wash and cook your rice 
  • Cut chicken up into small pieces and cook in a non-stick pan with 3/4 of Mexican seasoning and some water
  • Make salsa with can of corn, diced tomato, and 1/4 Mexican seasoning
  • Assemble four meals with equal portions
  • Enjoy! 
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