A wine expert has shared a clever and super cheap hack for keeping bottles of wine fresh for days after opening them - and it's gone viral. 

If opening a bottle of vino after a long day is your favorite way to unwind, we've got a genius hack for you. 

Whether your choice is a full bodied red, a crisp white or a low alcohol wine, we don't blame you for being partial to just a glass or two when the evening rolls around or when it's time to dish up dinner. 

And while it can be all too easy to polish off a whole bottle between you and a sipping partner, sometimes just a little tipple is enough - especially if you're keen to reap the benefits of drinking less alcohol, because it turns out there's no such thing as healthy alcohol

However, it can be a little annoying to have to open a bottle and pop it back in the fridge or wine shelf half full, knowing that it probably won't be quite as fresh by the time you come back for another glass. 

Luckily, a pro sommelier has gone viral on TikTok with a top tip for what to do with the wine left untouched in an opened bottle, in order to keep it fresher for longer. 

Wine educator Warner Boin dubs herself a "snob-free somm" and prides herself on helping her thousands of TikTok viewers "become confident about wine".

Posting on her account titled Confidence Uncorked, Warner shared a bargain trick for keeping opened wine at its best - and it saves fridge space, too. 

Explaining that you shouldn't put the cork back on your bottle, Warner declared that keeping the wine in contact with lots of oxygen is a no-no. 

"If you were to put a cork back on a bottle of wine that's half empty, you'll see that half of this still has oxygen inside it - and corks are porous so this is still going to allow oxygen to flow into your wine. Not great." she said.

Revealing that decanting your wine into a small glass jar is key, Warner added, "What you really want to do is reduce the amount of oxygen to wine ratio."

Recommending that you pour leftover wine into an air-tight container like a screw-top Mason jar, the vino expert continued, "There is so much less oxygen in here than in the rest of the bottle. You can get different Mason jars depending on the amount of wine you have left.

"I swear by this. It will make your wine still taste fresh even a couple of days after you've opened it, whereas a day after I open a bottle of wine and put the cork back on, I can tell the difference."

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