Magnises Has Several Great Passes To Compliment Their Black Card

Having any pass to some of the greatest events can be absolutely amazing and just a great experience on, but many don’t get to have a pass to typical events, much more to some of the greatest events. Shows that are kept only once a year; sports events that are highly sought after; theater tickets that go quickly, and restaurants that are booked for months at a time can all be hard to get into. Those with a Magnises card can be the exception when it comes to getting into these places. The Magnises card is what many young socialites use to make themselves become an insider at special events.

Even if a person doesn’t go to a special event, they may want to head over to a restaurant that is filled with elite people, and the restaurant is likely to be full, and all the reservations will be taken. Having the Magnises card means that its user can possibly reserve a seat in a restaurant that is constantly booked, which means they are now a true insider. Those eating in restaurants while using the Magnises card can also get different kinds of discounts, including discounts on food, drinks, appetizers and more.

The Magnises card is offered to any and everyone, but the typical users of this card are between the ages of 21 and 35. Those that use the card will take advantage of it because it gives them access to little-known events or popular events that only allow certain kinds of people. Each Magnises card can be customized to add all kinds of passes to it, which is a SportsPass, a HotelPass, a WorkPass, and even a ClubPass. The different passes all do something different and cost a separate fee, which is different than the Magnises membership fee.

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Those that pay for a ClubPass will get access to any nightclub with entrance that is guaranteed. Anyone who pays for a WorkPass will have access to their own work desk in the same building that Magnises has their company. Those with a SportsPass will have the privilege of getting some of the best seats that any event has to offer for a special price. Anyone who chooses a HotelPass will get incredible discounts on hotel stays, especially if they choose to stay in a hotel in New York City like the Dream hotel. The HotelPass can also allow for free room upgrades too.

It’s not required that anyone choose any of these passes, but adding a pass to the Magnises card makes it that much more powerful and is more likely to get the user of the card even more benefits on In order to assist each Magnises card holder with their event choosing, the Magnises Concierge should be downloaded to their smartphone via an app store, and the concierge can help to find the user the events that they want to go to the most as well as giving them some important information about the same events.