Is there anything that can't be cured by the taste of hot, salty and greasy slap tjips?

Crisped to golden perfection on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside, slap tjips are a firm South African favourite.

Is reading this making your mouth salivate?

Resident chef and food anthropologist, Dr Anna Trapido has the lowdown on the best places to get 'slap tjips' in town for that "temporary happiness."

There's something special about slap tjips. The fat and carbs thing, a cheese sandwich can do that. But nothing quite makes you feel like the world is not quite a terrible place like chips wrapped in newspaper.

Dr Anna Trapido, resident chef and food anthropologist

Slap tjips is different from French fries or English chips, as they are cooked at a lower temperature for a longer time and are somewhat bendable.

It means you get a creamier interior, and not the crackling crunch with conventional fries.

They need to really be hot to soak up the spirit vinegar. It needs to be that mouth-tinglingly tarte vinegar and it must be so hot that your mouth makes a noise. It's a pleasure and pain that's incomparably wonderful.

Dr Anna Trapido, resident chef and food anthropologist

On where to find the hidden gems with the best slap sjips, Dr Trapido has a few.

Among them are Benedicts, opposite the 44 Stanley shopping complex in Milpark.

They got everything right. You could smell the oil was fresh and the chips were soft in the middle. There was a man in the corner peeling real potatoes from the potato sack. You don't want precut chips...they won't do.

Dr Anna Trapido, resident chef and food anthropologist

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