Mashed potatoes are among the simplest and most satisfying potato dishes. Whether you like them whipped and creamy, dense or fluffy, they are easy to pull off on a week night.

And when plain mashed seems too plain, expand on the classic with endless variations of herbs, aromatics, and cheeses. There are so many different tips and tricks to elevate the starchy side.

Talking about different tips and tricks, one chef has divided the internet with his way of making mashed potatoes.

British-born chef Robbie Bell has thrown his hat into the ring by sharing two unique ingredients he adds to his mashed potatoes to take them to the next level.

Bell revealed on TikTok that he adds nutmeg and lemon juice to his mashed potatoes. But the reaction his dish received was mixed, to put it politely.

The chef laid out a step-by-step guide to cooking the ultimate mash and suggested adding two rather surprising ingredients: lemon and nutmeg. Yes, nutmeg.

"If there's one recipe in the world you've got to learn, it has to be mashed potato," Bell said in the video.

The chef first peeled his potatoes and quartered them, urging viewers to make sure the pieces are similar in size. He then added them to a large pot of salted boiling water, recommending viewers reduce the heat and simmer the potatoes gently.

For a smooth and creamy end result, Bell stirred his boiled potato pieces through a potato ricer. The chef then added butter, salt, pepper, olive oil, milk, and nutmeg to his mixture.

"You should give it a bit of a whirl with your spatula and taste it to check if you need more seasoning," Bell said.

Finally, and controversially, he added a dash of freshly-squeezed lemon juice to the mashed potatoes.

"We love a little bit of acidity, so I add in a little bit of lemon. It's as simple as that," he said.

The recipe seemed to divide the foodies in the comment section, with some questioning chef Bell’s methods.

One user wrote: ‘Lemon in mash? I have never heard of that in my life.’

While another commented: ‘Oil? And lemon? No gracias.’

But there were some more open-minded foodies who were willing to give the recipe a go.

One wrote: ‘Nutmeg and lemon. Ohhhh next time.’

While another said: ‘Happiness within potatoes.’

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