After cornflakes with their peri-peri sauce and Maggi noodles with chocolate sauce, another weird food combination has social media users intrigued. This time it’s something called a mango omelette!

Yes, you read it right, a mango omelette.

Imagine before leaving for work, you get served an omelette for breakfast but it does not taste the same as your memory and taste buds remind you, it has the confounding taste of mango in it. Sounds disgusting even imagining it right? But in the real world, facts are indeed stranger than fiction, especially in the internet era.

In a recent video that has gone viral, a food blogger has shared a video for the mango omelette on his Instagram account.

In the video by @thegreatindianfoodie, a street-side vendor is seen making the unique omelette by first frying two eggs and removing them. He then prepares a mix of boiled egg yolk with spices on the same tawa (gridddle) before adding a mango-flavoured soft drink to it. This mixture is poured over the fried eggs. Next, he chops up the boiled white part of the egg and mixes it with spices and a mango soft drink before adding it to the same plate.

The dish shocked many. Foodies were finding it hard to believe that ‘people actually eat this’.

One user wrote: “Please don’t spoil the mango juice”.

Another wrote: “It’s like puke.”

A third commented, “Stop it. Just stop it.”

Another wrote, “I only have one thing to ask. What pleasure are you getting out of this?”

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