Whether you are sitting at home, in a booth at your local diner, or in a fancy restaurant, chances are a salt shaker is within reach.

While a salt shaker may seem pretty simple to use, one man was gobsmacked to learn that they have a secret feature. In a now-viral TikTok video, user @rightguysreview demonstrated how you can change the size of the salt granules from fine to coarse with a simple push.

The user often posts short clips showcasing different lifestyle hacks, gadget ratings, and food reviews, but it was the salt shaker function that broke the internet.

In the clip, he said that he ‘’couldn't believe he just found this out’’ while removing a store-bought salt shaker from his cupboard.

His video starts with him saying, ‘’Do you know these salt shaker things? Well, did you know you can actually change it from fine to ground? I never knew that. Who knew that?”

Then he demonstrates how by pushing a protruding part on the cap of some salt grinders, you can change the fineness with which the shaker grinds the salt.

“So, apparently, you just pop this down, and it changes it from big to small,” he adds, explaining that the head of the salt grinder can be adjusted to change the size of the salt once ground.

Of course, he also gives a demo of what he is talking about, showing how the cap grinds the shaker more finely after a simple push to change the setting.

“This is normal,” he says, twisting the grinder to release fine salt.

Then, popping the grinder up, he shows viewers that the salt comes out much finer than before.

The revelation left many viewers divided. While some were quite impressed with the tip and can't wait to try it, others were quick to exclaim that they've known about it for years.

One person penned: "That's so amazing."

Another said: "I've never run so fast to my cupboard to test it out - mind blown!"

And a third pointed out: "It literally has a diagram on the side of the tube to tell you."

Since posting it, the clip has now received millions of views as people can't believe how long it has taken them to realise how the salt shaker actually works.

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