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Magnises Has Several Great Passes To Compliment Their Black Card

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Having any pass to some of the greatest events can be absolutely amazing and just a great experience on, but many don’t get to have a pass to typical events, much more to some of the greatest events. Shows that are kept only once a year; sports events that are highly sought after; theater tickets that go quickly, and restaurants that are booked for months at a time can all be hard to get into. Those with a Magnises card can be the exception when it comes to getting into these places. The Magnises card is what many young socialites use to make themselves become an insider at special events.

Even if a person doesn’t go to a special event, they may want to head over to a restaurant that is filled with elite people, and the restaurant is likely to be full, and all the reservations will be taken. Having the Magnises card means that its user can possibly reserve a seat in a restaurant that is constantly booked, which means they are now a true insider. Those eating in restaurants while using the Magnises card can also get different kinds of discounts, including discounts on food, drinks, appetizers and more.

The Magnises card is offered to any and everyone, but the typical users of this card are between the ages of 21 and 35. Those that use the card will take advantage of it because it gives them access to little-known events or popular events that only allow certain kinds of people. Each Magnises card can be customized to add all kinds of passes to it, which is a SportsPass, a HotelPass, a WorkPass, and even a ClubPass. The different passes all do something different and cost a separate fee, which is different than the Magnises membership fee.

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Those that pay for a ClubPass will get access to any nightclub with entrance that is guaranteed. Anyone who pays for a WorkPass will have access to their own work desk in the same building that Magnises has their company. Those with a SportsPass will have the privilege of getting some of the best seats that any event has to offer for a special price. Anyone who chooses a HotelPass will get incredible discounts on hotel stays, especially if they choose to stay in a hotel in New York City like the Dream hotel. The HotelPass can also allow for free room upgrades too.

It’s not required that anyone choose any of these passes, but adding a pass to the Magnises card makes it that much more powerful and is more likely to get the user of the card even more benefits on In order to assist each Magnises card holder with their event choosing, the Magnises Concierge should be downloaded to their smartphone via an app store, and the concierge can help to find the user the events that they want to go to the most as well as giving them some important information about the same events.


Billy McFarland Continues to Grow Young Company

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While credit card reward and loyalty programs are nothing new, a young entrepreneur has developed a program that is designated for a unique set of individuals. The newest program that has been introduced is called Magnises and is geared to providing benefits to young professionals.

The Magnises program is a credit card program that targets professionals that are between the ages of 21 and 35. Those that sign up for the program will receive a wide range of benefits that include premier access to restaurants and nightclubs, a variety of discounts off of tabs, and even access to the company’s headquarters.

The company is currently based out of a penthouse in Manhattan, which is frequently open late and night and acts as a social gathering spot for members of the club.

Thus far the credit card program has attracted over ten thousand members, which feel that the program’s elitenes and benefits far outweigh the annual $250 fee and high interest rate.

The benefits are also significant for employees that work for firms that Magnises wants to partner with. Recently, over 40 employees of Tesla were treated to an elegant and luxurious booze cruises around the city.

The founder of the company, Billy McFarland, is just 24 years old but is already gaining a significant amount of notoriety for his young company. While Billy McFarland is still just a young graduate of Bucknell Univeristy, he still has big plans for his firm.

Ultimately, Billy plans on making the company a strong social and professional network for successful young professionals that are looking for ways to connect with people inside and outside of their industry.


Beauty Products

EOS Emerges from Humble Start

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EOS is a company that has emerged from their infancy as a company that been able to differentiate itself in the market and has captured a significant portion of the lip balm market. How they were able to do so is part of an inspiring story that is outlined in a Fast Company article.

EOS started with founders who had a lot of experience in getting products to market for major companies like Pepsi and Unilever and in designing new products to the market through distribution channels. The founders of EOS spotted an opportunity in the lip balm market given that the brands in this market had not significantly changed their products in over a century and may not have been designed for the modern tastes of consumers.

ULTA consumers for lip balms were more frequently women who had increasingly different ideas for what they were looking for from lip balms from what the major manufacturers such as Chapstick were selling. EOS catered to these tastes by designing products that had interesting flavors that were not plain or medicinal in taste, had interesting application orbs that provided for a smooth and enjoyable application, and contained all natural organic ingredients that they believed would be better for their lips.

Consumers noticed these changes and product offerings and began to purchase EOS lip balms as soon as they appeared in the marketplace. EOS got their start being offered in Walgreens but quickly was able to spread to eBay, Target and other major retailers as well like ULTA. From these origins EOS was able to displace some of the major competition and sell more than $250 million in products a year. EOS has also spread into other personal care products and has made a lasting impact in the market, as opposed to being just a fad by introducing their products the way that they did.



Business Leaders/Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere’s Success Secret

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Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is inspiring a new generation of young women to go for their dreams. She certainly achieved an amazing amount of success creating a cosmetic company that has influenced a new generation of young people to express themselves and their creativity with makeup. She would like to emphasize that she is one woman that achieved success on her own terms. Unfortunately, a lot of young people feel that they have to live thier life the way that others dictate. Deere believes you have to find your gift or talent and work to fulfill your dreams, using that talent. Certainly, this is the key to achieving success.

Doe Deere’s Background
Most people in the beauty industry recognize the name Doe Deere. She is the CEO of a makeup company that produces a fabulous line of makeup filled with dazzling colors. However, this successful CEO started her company in a round about way. Deere was born in Russia. She migrated to the United States at the age of 17. She landed in New York and stayed there for several years, pursuing her dreams of becoming a musician. During this stage of her life, she met her husband. They performed in a rock band together for several years. During that time, Deere’s fascination with brilliant colors and makeup continued to grow. She searched the popular makeup lines for the type of bold and radical colors that matched her personality, but her search was futile. At that point, she decided to start her own cosmetic company.

More Thoughts On Success
Deere truly believes that you have to be in touch with your own feelings to achieve success with any type of endeavor. Deere quickly realized that she had a unique talent. That talent concerned creating dazzling colors that were dimensional and not just plain boring beige or white. Doe Deere made her move and started her own makeup company featuring those bold colors. Her vibrant makeup line caught on quickly. It was all the news on social media sites across the country and across the world. Go for what you love. This is the way to success and providing true value to others, states Doe Deere. Doe Deere also believes that her makeup company, Lime Crime, is a success because of the radical colors that allow the individual to truly express themselves and their creativity in a positive way.

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American Express Gold

Billy McFarland offers Premium Debit Cards to Millennials

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Companies do not know how to market to the youth demographic. Millennials, who are often just entering the work force, do not have the credit ratings to get the premium credit cards. Sometimes these cards are gold, platinum or black. No one expects college students to go out and get these premium credits cards, especially when they are likely to accumulate a lot of student debt.

Student debt will remain a problem for years. No one has an answer to this societal issue yet, although politicians continue to offer solutions. Billy realized something that many companies have not. People like to be members of elite groups.

Billy McFarland has started his own black club, with its own cell phone apps. Millennials pay $250 years for a premium black debit card, access to a special app and website. The app and websites let the user sign up for special offers and restaurant recommendations.

These restaurants and recommendations are sent by his company Magnises. Hundreds of companies pay money to directly market to this demographic. Thousands more pay for the research data generated by this black card program.

The Magnis black card does not offer its owner a credit line. It offers him many of the same exclusive deals and recommendations that the American Express Gold members receive.

However, the card does not have any interest rates. College students who use it carefully do not end up in further debt. The card is tied to their debit accounts, and this prevents the owner from spending money that is not in their account

Hair Transformation

Hair Care By WEN By Chaz Changes Lives

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Every woman with bad hair has been dreading the day that she has to deal with her failing hair, and she has to make sure that she can get something that will make her life a lot easier. She knows that her body and mind have to be right for her to feel better about herself, and the only thing that can be done is to use a better shampoo. The shampoo that is used every day is a tool that women can put into their arsenal to look great.

It is something that a woman can do herself every day that is tantamount to a full hair treatment. Wen hair has been packed with a lot of different products that will help women take care of their hair. They want to have real options that make their hair look better, and they want to know for a fact that their hair will start to improve. They can see the results of this when they are using the shampoo every day, and they need to be assured of the fact that their hair will not be shedding anymore.

Shedding hair is a major problem for all women because it causes problems that are hard to recover from. Shedding hair becomes a major issue for women because it gets everywhere, but they can fix it just by using a good bottle of shampoo. The bottle of shampoo that women use to make their hair look great can change the way their hair looks. It can help their hair feel softer, and it can make styling a lot simpler. Styling is something that every woman wants to do, and they need to be sure that they have picked out the right shampoo. WEN by Chaz is the best choice for every woman who needs better hair. Get these products thru eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

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Global Celebrations

Experience The Immersive Experience Of Lovaganza In The Forthcoming Celebrations

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Lovaganza is a leading entertainment Franchise that has been moving across different parts of the world trying to create an image that could inspire the achievement of unity and understanding among different communities across the world. The company recently made an announcement regarding their much anticipated celebrations that are slated to happen in 2020.

The event on Instagram, which will hit its peak on September 14, 2020, will showcase the different cultures that make up the world and is set to be the most amazing show ever based on the preparations in progress. Before the event happens, there will be other activities in between to make preparations and to ensure it proceeds as intended.

First, you have to understand Lovaganza had planned for the event to occur in 2015 but after thorough review they realized this date would not offer the best presentations and probably the intended effect would not be achieved. Other reasons that inspired the decision to move the event to 2020 include the lack of proper technological features and preparation that could guarantee a perfect performance.

The traveling show
Lovaganza is also investing in the marketing of the event to ensure as many people as possible get the awareness about what they should expect come 2020. This is the first stage of preparations and the show will kick off in 2017and its main purpose will be to give a glimpse of the events people should expect in the 2020 celebrations. It is set to happen in eight flagship locations across the world and will come with immersive entertainment.

The explorers will also sample some cultures and the presentations will be offered on immerscope screens with 3D – 1800 degrees properties. The Walk Around the World presentation will be a unique trilogy on that will attempt to show the audience the beauty available in other communities of the world and will be aimed at uniting people and cementing relationships.

Hands Across The World
Presented by Lovaganza, Hands Across The World is an event that will be incorporated in the 2020 celebrations that will share a message of love and the need to unite the different communities that make up the world. The unity to be portrayed on the day will be effected through a Unity Machine that will create a virtual world and bring millions together. Across most countries in the world, the Lovaganza trilogies to be used in the preparations of the show are in the preparation stages and before the beginning of 2017 everything should be complete.

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Wen By Chaz Is The Only Shampoo To Repair Hair

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WEN hair by Chaz is the only shampoo on the market that was made for people who have thin hair, and it is the only shampoo that can actually repair hair. Hair needs to be kept healthy if people want to keep all of it, but they often forget that they have a responsibility to their hair. They have to use the best shampoo, and they have to make sure that they have found out how they can make it work. They can read about a girl writing for was able to use the shampoo to fix her thin hair, and it turned really well.
She actually took pictures throughout the article so that everyone could see how it worked. There is not much shampoo required to make it work, and she washed her hair just as she would any other time. That means that every person who reads the article will be able to repeat the same process. That means that they can have the most striking hair possible that is actually healthy.

Hair that has been washed with the eBay advertised brand is the most beautiful hair in the world today because it does not shed, and it will look good no matter what the style is. The style is something that people need because they like their hair a certain way. They need to be able to make it work their way, and they need to make sure that they have a solution. Wen by Chaz is really the only solution that helps people with hair that has been a major problem at any other time. They can wash their hair with some confidence for the first time, and they will be able to enjoy their hair again when they are getting ready to leave the house for the day. Visit the product’s Wikipedia page for more info.

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Investment Advisory: What to Look For in a Financial Advisor

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Your finances are your future. Most people save for their entire lives hoping to retire comfortably and enjoy themselves. Businesses plan for the future and project future growth based on financial advising. Even individuals look to financial advisors for help with budgeting, growing their income, and investing in profitable products and accounts.

However, it’s no secret that the investment advisory field is fraught with fraudulent so-called professionals, and many people worry that their money will end up in the wrong hands. While it’s true that fraud is prevalent in the financial industry, it’s also true that you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud by looking for particular things.

What to Look For in a Financial Advisor

The first thing you want to look for when choosing a financial advisor is whether or not they’re independent. Many financial advising companies are partly owned by or work closely with a subset of insurance companies and organizations that put pressure on the financial advising firm to sell certain products. Some companies, however, are independent, meaning they can choose which products and services they sell, and they’re not owned by particular insurance companies.

These companies are less likely to feel obligated to push certain products and services and are open to make unbiased decisions based solely on merit and your individual situation, not due to business partnerships or quotas. It’s always best to choose an independent company.

Another thing to look for is how your financial advisor approaches business. While there are many ways to approach every kind of business, the two main types of financial advisors you’ll come across are the sellers and the educators.

Sellers only want to sell a product to you, or a set of services, and when they look at your information they’re formulating how to sell you the most expensive solution without breaking any ethical laws.

However, educators choose to approach their business from the standpoint that if you have the knowledge and skills you need to understand the financial industry and how it relates to your specific situation, you can make the best choices about the products and services you need and your advisor will simply put you in touch with those services.

Richard Blair: A Case Study

One financial advisor who fits both the independent and education-focused requirements above is Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc. in Austin, Texas. Richard’s wife, mother, and grandmother were all teachers, so education is in his background.

He’s spent the last 20 years building an independent, education-focused company that teaches people how to invest, spend, manage, and save their money. Richard Blair Wealth Solution success is a testament to these two characteristics, so if you’re looking for a financial advisor, make sure they are independent and education-focused.

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The Right Lip Balm Is Essential

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Chapped lips can be irritable and even painful. When someone has chapped lips, it can be hard for them to concentrate on anything else. Getting relief for this physical condition is highly important. When someone can find such relief they can move on and concentrate on other things. Fortunately for those who have this problem, it is easy to find products on the market that can help ease the pain of this condition and help people feel better. Many products on the market can also help the skin to heal. Such products can also help the sufferer avoid having this condition happen again.
One Of The Best

One of the best of the products on are the items that can be found at Evolution of Smooth. The products that can be easily purchased from this company are products that help people get relief from chapped skin. They are also products that often have a fresh, clean scent that can help the user feel refreshed each day. One of the best things about buying lip balm items here is that such products are made from entirely natural ingredients, allowing people to use them and not worry about the possibility of a reaction after using them.

Feeling Smooth Lips

Another great thing about using this line of lip balm products is that the results are super smooth lips. The lips are one of the softest areas of the body. Chapped lips can feel intensely uncomfortable all day long. When the balance of the body is resorted by using Evolution of Smooth, the result is that users have lips they can be confident in each day. They can also put other lip products on their lips as well as the lip balm such as lipsticks and lip glosses of all colors. For more info, visit the company’s linked in profile. Visit their website